I’ve had a number of hurdles to overcome getting this blog rolling (mostly those pesky “inner demons”!). I had to overcome fear of being judged by others (Being mocked, ridiculed, rejected, gossiped about, criticized, etc. (All forms of cruel and inhumane torture for a former “co-dependent/ people pleaser”! ) And of course there is always past life baggage to contend with. You know, the pervasive fear of being burned at the stake or drowned or having your house burned down for being a seer, healer or herbalist. I had to overcome judging myself (What could I possibly have to say that hasn’t been said before?) I had to figure out what my purpose was (To take highly evolved esoteric information and present it in clear, grounded, practical and easily understandable terms). I had to figure out how to create a website (Thank you Kelley for encouraging me to use WordPress!) I had to figure out what I was going to write where (Facebook, Blog, Book, E-Book, etc.) And I had to figure out if I was going to be anonymous or not. Then I had to make the time to do it. As one of my first teachers Louise L. Hay said, “The point of power is always in the present moment.”. I have arrived!

I have been fascinated by Intuition since I was a kid. I soooo wanted to be psychic. Here’s the deal: We all are psychic. I remember figuring out how to talk to God when I was about 12. You ask a question (in your head or aloud) and the answer you hear (in your head-usually), is God. I had a powerful experience at the age of 16 in which I got a “Gut Feeling” (clairsentience) and a “Knowingness” (claircognizance), which I acted on and discovered it had been powerful guidance. When I was 19, I was introduced to the concept of metaphysics by reading Louise L. Hay’s book,  “You Can Heal Your Life” (Thank you Karen!).

Interestingly, this inspired me to pursue “Higher Education” at The University of MN. Little did I know this particular academic institution was referred to as “The Dustbowl of Empiricism”. My Soul still rolls around on the floor in laughter regarding this ambitious (and extremely naive) pursuit. I have to give myself huge credit though. I got on the Honors track, I became the president of Psi Chi (Psychology Honors Society). I got involved in undergraduate research overseen by the Dean of the Psychology Department (which means I got to attend graduate level research meetings) and researched Behavioral Confirmation (a type of self-fulfilling prophecy whereby people’s social expectations lead them to act in ways that cause others to confirm the expectation.) It was the closest thing to understanding “creating our own reality” that I could find. I also remember at that time I felt that dreams and emotions were also key topics to explore regarding Guidance. My studies included a phenomenal offering called “Ways of Knowing” which was a year long program exploring 6 different branches of study and how they acquired their knowledge base and applied it. Oddly, “Behavioral Genetics” was another class that stands out in my mind as hallmark in my education. The teacher was outstanding. He knew he was teaching an overwhelming topic so he encouraged his students to allow information to just flow over and through them until they began to grasp it. All of that, and surviving “Behavioral Statistics” (Thank you Jill!), taught me the most important lesson of all: there is nothing beyond my grasp or understanding. I hope you embrace this Truth for yourself as you ponder the topics and concepts I will be sharing

This blog will be all about recognizing, defining, understanding, exploring, and most of all using Intuition and expanding our awareness of it.  Utilizing Intuition in all of its forms while on an evolutionary journey of expanding Consciousness is what I am all about. So what that means is pretty much everything is going to be fair game to write about!

  Life is a joyful journey – Get Intuit!!



  1. cooking with audrey
    September 6, 2013 @ 3:24 pm

    love this, lady! i never knew your history quite like this, thank you for sharing! i’m so glad you started this blog, i know it will be fulfilling for you in a lot of ways and your readers will love it {i know i do! :)}


  2. IntuitionMatters
    October 21, 2013 @ 3:53 pm

    Thank you for your feedback Audrey! Sorry I didn’t see it sooner. It has been a joy sharing this journey of Intuitive and Consciousness expansion with YOU! Amazing things are so much more pleasurable when shared! Much, much LOVE to YOU!


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