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Kick Out SOBs

Kick Out S.O.B.’s (Souls OnBoard)

If you are suffering from chronic illness, addictions, mood swings, personality changes, or if you feel like your life is on spin cycle, you may be harboring “energetic hitchhikers”. Life is difficult enough to navigate without dragging someone else’s baggage around (literally). Get the help you need and experience joyful liberation.

These hitchikers can be people who have passed. In the death process people can actually be deceived from, or are resistant to, going to “The Light”. They then end up taking up residence in other people. I call this Souls OnBoard (S.O.B.’s for short).

A psychologist hypnotherapist in the 80’s discovered that when she sent these Beings to The Light, her clients’ addiction issues resolved 99% of the time! Absolutely remarkable! As these Beings are often confused, afraid, or may not even know they have passed, these clearings are done lovingly and respectfully. Sending them to The Light truly is a Sacred Service.

You may know your “hitchhikers”, or they may be complete strangers. You can “pick them up” in hospitals, bars, funeral homes, death scenes, etc. They can even jump from one person to another. You are vulnerable when you are tired, sick, emotionally distraught, unconscious, on drugs, drunk, or in a black-out from alcohol.

Aside from people who have passed, there are numerous forms of energetic hitchikers that can be contributing to your personal challenges. The veils are thinning and it is easier for other realms to engage with us. Often these things show up in our lives merely as an educational opportunity to expand our awareness, empower us with information and prompt us to hone our mastery skills.

S.O.B.’s will exacerbate any mental or emotional imbalances you may have. They will amplify addictions and sabotage your will power. You may feel drained; have odd aches & pains or sensations in your body; or have chronic illnesses. You may even notice a personality shift at times; have odd cravings; or even thoughts that do not feel like your own. The presence of S.O.B.’s makes it very challenging to resolve emotional issues and make forward motion in your life.

Book a clearing session with Maureen and experience a new sense of stability, clarity, empowerment and peace of mind. Aside from clearing work, you will come away with a whole new level of understanding regarding energetics, energetic hygiene and how to clear yourself and your surroundings. We are powerful Beings in physical form. Our Divine Right Will and Authority precedes the Authority of any other dimensional presences here. Claim your power and begin living the life you have always dreamed!

Rates $120.00 an hour.  Call (970) 724-0447 to schedule.   Or email IntuitionMatters@juno.com Please put “Kick Out S.O.B.’s” in the subject line.

*Sessions may be in person or performed remotely. 





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