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Services $100.00 an hour (*unless otherwise noted)
Group Rates $150.00 an hour for the group
Private Overnight Retreats overlooking Sacred River Valley $500 per 24 hrs per person


(Menu of Readings with Booking Schedule and Shopping Cart Coming Soon!)

~Divination Tools (Amulets, Cards, Stones, Dreams, etc.) used to gain insight regarding specific questions or to bring forth general Guidance specific to you. A session can also be an opportunity to bring forth some Power Symbols for you to use to expand on your own personal growth, healing and transformation.
~Energywork  Using her energetic empathic skills, expanding on training in Healing Touch, Maureen engages with your body`s energy field and then shares the imagery and sensations that present, providing a deeper understanding of your issues that are coming to light to be cleared. You will feel nurtured, understood, expanded and reset to optimal energetic alignment.


~ Intuitive Life Coaching – Facilitate balance, groundedness and centeredness. Align with your dreams and desires. Support in getting out of your own way. Amplifying your awareness of your gifts and abilities. Exploring ways you can incorporate them into your life, actualizing the manifestations you desire. We live and breathe in a sea of Guidance. Learn how to harness that power through conscious awareness, reflection, interpretation, alchemy & inspired action.                                                                                                                                             ~ Ascension Coaching – What is Ascension? How to actively engage in the process. Tools, Tips and Vantage Points to explore that will enhance and accelerate your Journey during these amazing times.
~ Intuitive Development – What is Intuition? How are you already using it? How to consciously engage it in your relationships, work and daily life. How to hone the skills you are using and open to utilizing others.
~ Visionary Marketing – Explore new ways of expanding your client base. Evolve products/services using Alchemy, tapping into all aspects of you and presenting your offerings in innovative ways and realms.
~ Out-of-the-Box Problem Solving – Explore your life, issues, problems, challenges, fears, resistance, sabotage and stumbling blocks in your relationships, business and daily life through different lenses. Expanding your options restores flow and opens you to possibilities you may have not considered.
~ Photography – Often just a few simple tricks of the trade will result in remarkably better photos. These results will inspire you to take your craft further. Explore new ways of engaging with your subject matter. Learn how to enhance your life experience by navigating your life with a photographer`s eye.
~Transformational Self-Exploration – The most powerful means of breaking our addictions to pleasing people, rescuing people; being needed by others; or engaging in our own or others` dramas, is to seek to Know Thyself. This is a specific form of coaching to show you how to use everything around you to better understand you, your thoughts, beliefs and desires and how to make shifts where desired. Improved relationships, confidence, feeling lighter and more comfortable in your own skin are some of the outcomes.
~Intuitive Eating/Nutrition – Reap the rewards of Maureen`s decades of nutritional research to support your body in optimal health. Overcome chronic ailments, food sensitivities and imbalances through supportive conscious diet choices. Learn how to listen to what your body is telling you so you can get on your own team and thrive. You will be given delicious simple recipes to enjoy and incorporate into your own meal plans. Show your family and friends that healthy eating can taste marvelous!

Trained in Healing Touch, Maureen expands on this with her Intuitive, Alchemical and Energetic Empathic skills. The result is wholistic synergy, addressing body, mind, spirit , emotion and energetic balance, improving your life experience and restoring your claim to vibrant health and thriving. Identify, release and clear blocks, traumas and old mental emotional and spiritual programming. Expect to experience deep relaxation, new awareness and a feeling that you have been unbound and reset.

A chosen theme or desired outcome provides a foundation to intentionally select materials to create multi-media art piece to be used in Sacred Ceremony, Altar items, or deeply meaningful gifts. These hold the power of the symbolism of the materials chosen as well as the intentions you imbue them with. This is a potent and productive process.

Using creative expression as a vehicle to inform you of hidden wisdom and aspects of self waiting to be revealed. This can be done in a discussion to evolve a project you intend to create, or in the actual creation of an art piece. Thoughts you have in the creation process, self-talk you engage in while creating, and materials you choose, all have information for you.

– $500.00 per person per 24 hours.
These are very special one-on-one immersion opportunities. Tailored to your desired outcomes or interests. Experience 24 hours or more, of intensely focused, educational transformation. Retreats include meals, and a bonus of one of the following options per day: Outdoor Journey opportunity; Energywork; Divination; Bodywork; or Transformational Art; Ionic Foot Detox. More than one bonus offering may be experienced at an additional charge.

Homes, Businesses, Places, People. Used for endings, fresh starts, or to clear out unsavory energies. After clearings people have reported their child being willing to sleep in their own bedroom again; pets no longer acting odd, afraid or hiding; influx of new business, increase in revenue; reports of the home finally feeling like theirs now; an ability to move forward in their lives from a more emotionally clear and stable foundation. (**Space clearing with obvious poltergeist activity is $300.00/ hour and requires a $300.00 deposit and offsite interview)

KICK OUT S.O.B.’S (Souls OnBoard) If you are suffering from chronic illness, addictions, mood swings, personality changes, or if you feel like your life is on spin cycle, you may be harboring “energetic hitchhikers”. Life is difficult enough to navigate without dragging someone else’s baggage around (literally). Get the help you need and experience joyful liberation.

Pick a topic on anything related to Intuition,; Spirituality; Metaphysics; Alchemy; Embodiment; Energy; Chakras; Sacred Geometry; Dimensions; Multi-dimensional; Ascension; Creative Expression; Meditation; Manifestation; Higher Consciousness; Galactic Awareness; Symbolism; Guidance; Divination; Transformation; Reclaiming Wholeness; Thriving; Clearing/Transmuting Density, Pain, Sickness, Mental Illness, Struggle, Duality, etc.

Maureen is a gifted ceremonialist. She creates personal and group opportunities to facilitate your connection to Source and the Divine. Custom tailored to your needs and desires, these are very personal and deeply meaningful bonding experiences. Learn tools to create your own personal prayer, Divination or meditation rituals or to create community within social events or work settings. Maureen is an Ordained Minister and can legally officiate weddings.

*Family Photos *Pet Portraits *Boudoir Shots *Special Gatherings *Real Estate Photography *Personal Journeys *Personal Reflections *Advertising *On-Site Adventures

Transform an area, a room, a home, a business, an outdoor area, etc., to evoke the feelings and appeal you desire. Using internal Feng Shui, (Chinese art of placement) and innate talents of combining texture, color and various elements, to raise the energy of your living spaces and life experiences. This work can be used to harmonize energies, or amplify forces to intentionally facilitate desirable outcomes.

~Maureen Keefe realized at the age of ten that the still small voice inside her was God and the Angels communicating with her (clairaudience). Later in her teens she began having experiences of images in her mind`s eye (clairvoyance), She also experienced body sensations accompanied by an immediate Knowingness (clairsentience and claircognizance). Maureen avidly explores her world through all of the lenses of Guidance: symbolism; dreams; coincidences; synchronicities; things that draw your attention or interest; a song on a radio with just the lyrics to answer a question; different people or media bringing the same thing to your awareness; Divination tools; meditation; and channeling, etc. Those who have passed often pay her visits and she has had wonderful remote viewing experiences. The last decade in particular has been a personal immersion program of her own creation learning about Ascension, frequencies, dimensions & dimension shifting, multi-dimensionality, Light Beings, ET`s, our Galactic heritage, Quantum Physics, entity torment and clearing, the power of intention, focus, being fully present, breathing, relaxing, playing, non-judgement, compassion, discernment, Higher Consciousness, Conscious Awareness, immortality, regeneration, accountability, alignment, the power of Love and Self-Love.

Call Maureen If you are ready to be forever changed by choosing how to engage with your life in a new way!

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